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About Us

Bodhi Blossoms is a space to share the stories of Buddhist nuns,

especially the nuns in the West...

The stories about their aspirations of choosing monastic path

The stories about their joy and struggles of real life

The stories about their accomplishments and concerns.

Through these stories, we wish to create a network 

and build a community for sharing experiences and assisting each other.

Our Story

We are Buddha’s followers.

Our group consists of a Tibetan monk, a business woman,

a tech manager, and amazing nuns! 

In this dreamlike Samsara, we wish to utilize our unique abilities

to bring wellness to the world. 


We've chosen to support female Buddhist practitioners because

we believe their gentle but strong energy is essential for our modern world.

Their energy can heal all beings.


We are starting a small community for Buddhist nuns from

all different traditions. We would like to share their stories and experiences

to better support and learn from one another.


Our vision is to one day build a living community

utilizing permaculture and sustainable living practices for nuns.


Our goal is to set up a workable model for

female practitioners who wish to dedicate their lives to practicing Dharma.

We hope this model can be replicated anywhere and in any form allowing Dharma to flourish. 

This path will not be easy, so 

we will be taking baby steps along the way.

We are open to your ideas and

we are eager to hear your advice!

What can be more joyful than serving Dharma in this dreamlike Samsara?!

May we be humble and truthful and see where Karma brings us.

Meet The Team

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